ELLIOT MOSS: “Listeners are very perceptive and can hear when you aren’t being genuine.”

Chances are high that you’ve heard Elliot Moss‘ song “Slip” at some point over the past two years. And if so, chances are even higher that you’ve loved it. At least this happened to the guys from Audiokult who decided to put the song on their compilation Audiokult Edition 21 this spring.


Pattern Repeating“ has been nominated at the SXSW Film Festival in the category „Music Video“. How did your collaboration with Scandinavian-based director Daniel Howlid come about?
Daniel shot the video himself and we worked closely together on the edit. After we locked that, I did the color. To work with someone else’s vision in mind was very cool, also to see where the music took him and his art.

In which ways would you describe your music being related to trends? Why do you think some songs only work for a period of time while others can last for decades?
Trends aren’t something I think about very much… for a song to “last”, a lot of love has to go into it. Listeners are very perceptive and can hear when you aren’t being genuine. If a piece doesn’t work emotionally with me, the other parts aren’t as poignant. So, the stuff I keep coming back to is the music that I feel connected to – where I can actually feel what the writer felt and/or see the pictures they wanted to paint.

As a musician, what have you learned in the past few years?
A lot about touring, how that works. I’ve also really enjoyed seeing how tunes hit people in real-time, as a group. Crowds’ reactions can be really informative.

How likely are the chances of you playing in Europe any time soon?
We were there twice in 2015, and would love to come back. I can’t say for sure, but it’s something I’m really hoping for.


Interview by rarelyknown.com

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