La Mar is an Australian based duo consisting of Andrew Grant and Dylan Wright. They started writing music together in 2014 and have had popular releases ever since. Their sound can be described as future or chill pop if that makes sense. We asked the duo a few questions about their music project.

What’s the story behind your Spanish band name?
We really like how the words “La Mar” sound when spoken out loud. It was more of an onomatopoeic choice rather than choosing the name because of it’s meaning. However it means “The Sea” in Spanish which also represents a calm and peaceful place.

How did you, Andrew and Dylan, get to know each other and what was the reason for producing your music as a duo?
Andrew: Dylan had always been writing songs while I had experience in programming and making sounds. I saw Dylan performing his own music at a local venue and was truly inspired by his vocal ability and live presence. I approached him and asked if he would be up for trying something together. From that moment we’ve been writing as a duo frequently.

Please tell us a little bit about the process of your songwriting and recording.
Andrew usually generates the sounds to create a mood which Dylan hears and writes into. We do mix it up on every track but the programming side of things is Andrew’s and all the lyric and melody ideas are Dylan’s. We are able to play to our strengths without getting in each others way at all.

In „Still Wild“ you’re drawing a picture of how being successful and independent can force negative reactions from your social environment. How do you cope with jealous behavior and do you perceive such manners as motivational for your work?

We have been lucky enough to never experiencing behavior like this around us. This track is written from the point of view of another person who we could see that happening to. There are always going to be people trying to tear you down when you are on top of things and we pity those people.

You have already worked on several collaborations with other artists like Mazde and YesYou. What are the best parts about such co-operations and who would you like to work with in the future?
Music creation is best done collaboratively. Learning how other people work is always so enlightening and interesting. Our dream collaborators would be Maribou State, Mr Carmack and Snake hips.
Pipe dreams would be SBTRKT, Gorrilaz and Pretty Lights :p

What are your plans for 2016?
Releasing EP 2 and playing lots of live shows. Also to keep writing music.

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