With her single „Burn“ promising Mai Kino will be featured on Audiokult Edition 21 which will be released on March 25th. Unlike most of us these days, Mai Kino appears to be pretty modest about her online presence. When she let’s her music speak instead, once again beautifully mysterious associations arouse. Devoured by curiosity we needed to ask her a few questions and find out what the person behind that magnificent sound has to say.


You are currently living in London but are originally from Lisbon. Are there any aspects of your portuguese roots that still inspire your music or would you consider yourself more influenced by London?

Lisbon has some real melancholia and poetry to it, I’m sure I’ve absorbed some of that…and my early life there has definitely inspired my writing. London’s where I became an adult, where I’ve done most of my artistic experimentation and my life happens here now, so probably a more direct influence.


Your sound appears to be very light, almost fragile. In which ways is the vibe of your music reflecting parts of your own personality?

Music has helped me go through life… art can be such a powerful spiritual experience, so maybe with Burn and June I ended up creating soundscapes that felt a little soothing or healing to me in some way. My next song is darker and more intense though…


Your song „Burn“ consists of strong and emotional lyrics. What is it about?

It’s about trusting life and accepting change, even when it feels really scary or painful. “Let it happen”, allow yourself to feel something good, or to let go of something that needs to go.


How did the cooperation with producer Luke Smith (Depeche Mode, Foals, Petite Noir) come about?
My manager Russ introduced us. I had home-recorded a few demos and Luke really liked them and invited me to come to the studio.


Where do you want to go with your music in 2016? Will we hear more from you this year?
Yes, definitely! This year I want to reveal more of the Mai Kino universe to the world, on a sonic and visual level, and to keep growing as an artist. I’m playing at The Great Escape in a couple months, that should be good fun.


The Great Escape Festival takes place 19th to 21st May 2016 in Brighton, UK where Mai Kino will be part of a great line up. In case you won’t make it or simply can’t wait that long, we recommend you to check out her single „Burn“ on iTunes.

The exclusive pre-download will be available from 8th of March and is featured on Audiokult Edition 21

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