Agnostica - 5400

Album/EP / Audiokult Chillout

Agnostica presents debut full-length album that features 26¬†tracks in the fashion of chill out. The album also contains the #1 and #2 hit singles ‘Lost’ and ‘Improvisation – Live Version’.

Written for Her (Original Version) // On Hold (Original Version) // Broken (Original Version) // Middle of Nowhere (Original Live Take) // Lost (Original Version) // Intimate Play (Original Version) // Liquid Dreams (Original Version) // Posh (Original Version) // Forgotten (Original Version) // Return (Original Version) // Believes (Original Version) // Take Over (Original Version) // Stranded (Original Version) // Over Sea (Original Version) // Wildcat (Original Version) // Improvisation (Live Version) // Upright (Original Version) // Homecall (Original Version) // Playground (Original Version) // No Regrets (Original Version) // Parisienne (Original Version) // Far Away (Original Version) // Let The Sun Shine (Original Version) // Good Old Days (Original Version) // Finally Here (Bonus Version) // Memories (Original Version)