A Journey with Weaver

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WEAVER: “I like to look at shows as conversations between the artist and the audience.”

Spring 2016: We asked Weaver, who is currently one of our favorite singer-songwriters, to take a camera on to his journey through Sweden. So he produced some behind-the-scenes footage for us which you can watch in the video above. The shots were taken at an art exhibition in Skövde and in a skate bowl in his hometown Gothenburg.
Because we couldn’t get enough of his astonishing sounds, we also wanted to know a bit more about the person himself and asked him for an interview.

Throughout the video we are following you on your way to a gig you’ve played. What’s the best thing for you about playing live?
The best thing for me about playing live is meeting people. I like to look at shows as conversations between the artist and the audience.

How do you usually prepare for your concerts and do you have any advice against stage fright?
I try to not think about the concert too much. You can’t really tell how the show will be beforehand so it’s hard to prepare for it. Accept for the obvious stuff like knowing your songs and have all the equipment ready.
The only advice that I can give is to learn to accept the circumstances. Some things are just impossible to control, but if you learn to cooperate with the surroundings you’ll be much more relaxed.

In your concerts you normally get supported by a band, right? How, as a solo artist, does working with other musicians feel like and how does rehearsing your songs look like?
I usually play solo actually. I’ve played with a band once and that worked out great. Everyone in that band is really great musicians and we basically rehearsed the songs twice and then went on stage.
Right now I prefer to play solo just because it’s easier logistically and financially but i’d love to be able to do a little bit of both in the future!

What’s the biggest difference for you between playing at home and playing in front of an audience?
That there is an audience that I can communicate and share the moment with.

When writing music, where do you find inspiration for your songs?
From anything that makes me feel or think.

You are telling stories within your songs. What is ”Underneath A Question Mark“ about?
For me it’s about being part of a world where there is endless possibilities and choices of ways to spend your time. So many that it makes it hard to not be greedy… What is it about for you? :)

What are your next steps?
I have a lot of next steps!
I’m currently writing new material that I will record and release as soon as possible. I also started a collaboration with Johan Ejerblom who painted the pictures in the video. We’re going to do music videos together in stop-motion. I’ve also started screen printing the covers for a vinyl release of my two previous EP’s. Hopefully there will be a lot of live shows in the future as well.

Interview by Rarely Known