Audiokult Christmas Compilation 2014

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The “Audiokult Christmas Compilation 2014” features established Artists like “Dwij“, “Miyuki“, “Agnostica” and “There is A Fox” but also presents some brand new discoveries like “Marillo Vibe” and “Glimmer of Blooms“. Moreover it wouldn’t be a 2014 Compilation if Beatport-chartstormer “Flitz&Suppe” weren’t on it aswell.

Agnostica – Written for her
Flitz & Suppe – Oh wie schön ist Pangea
El  Buho – Poplar Tree
Marillo Vibe – Candy
Dwij – Positive Movement
Miyuki – Shizukana
Rowe – Shear
Glimmer of Blooms – Humble Life
There Is A Fox – Sunday
Chair House – Wokotsuri