Audiokult Edition 21

Audiokult / Compilations (a)

While the Austrian record company Audiokult is growing up and growing older, inevitable changes are happening. Founded in 2012 the label’s focus was primarily situated on the production of chillout and deephouse tunes. Which was great, but shouldn’t be enough. Over the past years Audiokult managed to open up the ears of their listeners for soundtracks, classical music and pop. As the label’s slogan states „music matters“, right from the start awesome music always had higher priority over any compulsory categorisation. Nevertheless there has been an emphasis on the publication of instrumental tunes.

Four years after their first release of the compilation series „Audiokult Edition“, the record label is now striking a new path. With the likes of Elliot Moss, Mai Kino and La Mar „Audiokult Edition 21“ is the label’s first output providing vocals on every single track. Besides the newcomer Weaver also featured on the compilation are Swedish Idol runner-up Elin Bergman and Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2016 nominees Leyya.