She’s one of those hidden gems you stumble upon on Soundcloud wondering why Sitkah’s not already being featured on every Youtube channel you know and kept under license by any of the majors.

Surprisingly you actually need to put in some effort searching for her. What makes Sitkah’s ambient sounds standing out by far is her light voice that drags you immediately into a different world. There’s something fascinating about the music she creates, something rare that you didn’t know was missing in your life until you hear it. Because of her unique sound we consider 21 year old musician Sitkah to be one of the most promising musicians for 2016.


While building up her music career, her track „Sara“ already got featured on Hypem’s „Most popular“ page for a couple of days following it’s release in January 2015. Being asked about her style of production she says: „I find it easy to write in the first person, about other people. A lot of the lyrics I write aren’t pulled from personal experiences though, more from what I wish I could experience or what stories really affected me at the time. I also try to use words that have a bit of a softness and ambience to them because I feel like that fits my producing style…“ and adds „I think the hardest thing for me is creating something that’s totally different from what’s out there. I feel like I’m always learning and that I always have a lot to learn, and remembering that will help me create music that’s original.“

After graduating from the University of British Columbia this May she’s planning to focus more on her music, which we’re hoping will result in an album. Until that we’re totally fine by just relaxing and listening to her magnificent sounds.


Sitkhas single „In Between“ is one of the featured tracks on Audiokult Edition 21.

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